The Explosion Protection Experts

In the production, processing, transportation, and storage of many materials, grave danger can exist. Flammable gasses, vapors, mists, and dusts can occur that, when combined with oxygen in the air, form an explosive atmosphere. Given a source of ignition, these substances can detonate and destroy life and property in seconds.

Our job at R. STAHL is to create products and deliver services to eliminate the possibility of such an incident. And in fulfilling this role, we offer More than Protection. Peace of Mind. Our products are the most innovative in the world.

The Industry’s Finest People, Processes, and Products

To serve you like no other company can, R. STAHL’s people, processes and products define the leading edge of safety engineering, because R. STAHL operations are permanently positioned at the forefront of —

  • Research & Development
  • Project Planning
  • Third-Party Certification
  • Manufacturing Technologies
  • Quality Assurance
  • Logistics
  • After-Sales Service & Support.

Moreover, we never stop improving. We’re constantly innovating, addressing new challenges and creating enhanced solutions to old ones. Heightened performance and efficiency remain our constant goals. Forty percent of  R. STAHL’s annual revenues typically arise from products introduced in the preceding five years.

10,000 Certified Products Address the World’s Needs

Today, R. STAHL’s spectrum of more than 10,000 Products and Systems, nationally and internationally certified, spans the entire range of explosion-protection methods.

Automation Products

  • Intrinsically Safe Barriers
  • Intrinsically Safe Galvanic Isolators
  • Remote I/O and Fieldbus for hazardous locations
  • Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs)
  • Customized System Solutions

Electrical Products for Hazardous Locations

  • Terminal Boxes
  • Globally Certified Control Components
  • 8040 Globally Certified Control Stations
  • 8146/8125 Globally Certified Custom Control Solutions
  • Globally Certified Plugs and Receptacles
  • Globally Certified Power Disconnect Switches

Lighting Products & Solutions

  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • Incandescent Lighting
  • High-Intensity-Discharge (HID) Lighting
  • Emergency, Back-up & Specialty Lighting

No Problem Too Small, Challenge Too Great or Location Too Distant

Products alone tell only part of the R. STAHL story. Equally important are R. STAHL people. They are the Experts — highly trained, broadly experienced, and universally accessible to you with information related to subjects from project planning and regulatory codes to installation, training and maintenance.

Whether your explosion-protection needs are great or small, in North America or any country in the world, teams of R. STAHL Experts stand ready to assist you. For quick response, Contact Us by email at or by telephone at either  1-800-782-4357 or 832-539-6700.

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