At R. STAHL We’re Different, and Here’s Why

At R. STAHL, we differentiate ourselves by our devotion to a proprietary mission, the promises we make to you, our customers, and our business principles.  These three cornerstone documents form the basis of our brand. They form every decision we make and action we take as we serve you and your needs. They make us “a category of one.”

What We Are Doing — Our Promises to Our Customers

  • We provide the best engineering minds available to protect your people and property from explosions.
  • We offer only products we know to embody the finest technology and craftsmanship.
  • We carefully develop and engineer the right solutions for your individual applications. 
  • We deliver products and services quickly and efficiently.
  • We serve you in a manner that places Stahl above our competitors – “a category of one” in providing you peace of mind concerning the safety of your people and property.

Why We Are Doing It — Our Mission

  • We provide products and services to protect the most valuable – and often irreplaceable – assets of some of the most critical industries on Earth.

                         “Your Safety - Our Reality”

How We Are Doing It — Our Business Principles

  • We deal openly, honestly, and ethically with everyone, keeping our promises and striving for continuous improvement.
  • We listen to our customers in order to provide the best protection for their people and assets.
  • We value our individual and cultural differences treating one another with respect and dignity.
  • We attract the best talent available in our industry, using their capabilities to satisfy our customers.
  • We manage our business prudently to ensure R. STAHL is strong today, stronger tomorrow, and delivering superior products and services for years to come.
  • We support our communities by giving a portion of our time, talents, and financial resources back to them.
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