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130 Years of Engineering Innovations

Above is one of the first ten barriers produced in the United States, November 5th, 1982.

Innovation — from the earliest days of R. STAHL, engineering innovation has been our company’s hallmark. Progressing from the manufacture of spring needle machines into the age of mechanical lifts and elevators, then with electric-powered material handing products, including revolutionary snakes, cranes, and electric hoists, R. STAHL has forged a reputation for engineering integrity and inventiveness.

When in 1926 R. STAHL customers, such as BASF, began demanding hoists and cranes to be suitable for areas in which hazardous gasses occur, the company began developing explosion-protected command and control equipment – and a new R. STAHL mission came to the fore.  

Making Products Smaller, Stronger, Lighter, Better

Again and again, the company evolved and innovated. Sometimes creating large lifting devices, other times making news by making products smaller, lighter and more powerful – one engineering masterpiece after another. 

The company’s first explosion-protected products were electric hoists developed from R. STAHL’s 1950’s “C Series” hoists, which offered multiple speeds and lifting capacities approaching 35,000 lbs. Motors used in mines were the first electrical equipment to use explosion-proof construction.

Rising to International Leadership in Explosion Protection

As the 20th century drew to a close, R. STAHL had earned a worldwide reputation as a pioneer and innovator in electrical explosion-protection technology.

Subsidiaries in 20 nations were serving customers in every process industry and countless other business arenas. With a range of products covering applications from explosion-protected switches, pushbuttons and light fittings through controls to complex systems, R. STAHL was the only manufacturer able to offer the entire range of different explosion-protection methods. 

But the R. STAHL name was still new to the United States and Canada.

More than 40 Representatives Now Serving North America

R. STAHL brought its innovation and leadership to North America in earnest in 1979. That year, the young subsidiary of R. STAHL, INC., introduced the company’s radically new concept of intrinsic safety technology to the U.S. marketplace. Thereafter, what happened made history.

Today R. STAHL serves North American-based customers, as well as companies doing business on the continent, from headquarters offices in Houston, Texas, and Edmonton, Alberta, and through more than 40 representatives located across the US and Canada.

Wherever Explosion Risks Can Occur, R. STAHL Is There

Through these strategically varied sources, R. STAHL offers its unique expertise and technologically advanced solutions for every potentially explosive area – from drilling platforms to chemical plants, from grain elevators to pharmaceutical plants, and anyplace else that gases, vapors, mists, dust or corrosion pose a explosion threat that endangers life and property.

R. STAHL Catalogs of now encompass more than 10,000 state-of-the-art, proprietary products. Every one was developed and tested by R. STAHL designers and engineers and third-party listed, ensuring superior performance that meets or exceeds global product standards.  And every product comes as part of a larger business relationship aimed at delivering More than Protection. Peace of Mind.

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