IS pac Galvanic Isolators

Intrinsically Safe Technology

R. STAHL offers intrinsically safe IS pac isolators for every automated system-specific need, in any possible industry, from engineering to cabinet manufacturing.

ISpac Isolation Switches feature Intrinsic Safety Technology
  • Inputs or outputs intrinsically safe Class I, II, III, Div. 1 [EEx ia] IIC/IIB
  • All standard functions with 2 channels per module
  • Galvanic isolation between inputs, outputs and power supply
  • Modules for DIN-rail installation or comfortable system integration via pac-Carrier
  • Detachable terminals available in screw terminal, spring clamp terminal and insulation cutting terminal versions
  • Extended temperature range -20˚C … + 70˚C
  • Installation also possible in Zone 2, Zone 22 (non-conductible dust) or Div. 2

For more information relating to R. STAHL Intrinsically Safe Isolation Switches for your automated system, call us at 800-782-4357 or send us an email.

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