Explosion Proof & Explosion Protected Systems- Custom Solutions

At R. STAHL, we partner with our customers to find customized explosion proof / explosion protected system solutions to meet your needs. With their extensive knowledge in electrical explosion protection, our representatives are distinctly qualified and ensure competent project management from allocation to delivery.

Automation Solutions

In all areas of industry, reliable operating and monitoring systems are becoming increasingly important. In the field of operator interfaces and visualization systems, R. STAHL is the only supplier capable of offering the complete range of applications for both industrial and hazardous areas. Devices for use in hazardous areas are called “Exicom”, those for general purpose applications “ProVicom”. 

Exicom Operator Interfaces Falcon NEC (PDF 664KB)

With a wide variety of functions, these devices provide optimum visualization. Their active communication concept in combination with integrated functionality reduces the workload of the automation system.

Electrical Control Solutions

At R. STAHL, we manufacture our control equipment using the most innovative computer-controlled manufacturing and warehousing technologies available today. With this state-of-the-art technology, we can customize the design and configuration of our electrical systems and control panels. That means each of our customers’ individual needs are met, and their problems are solved. At R. STAHL, we are forming the new standards for tomorrow and setting new milestones today.

Integrated System Solutions

R. STAHL offers both instrumentation and electrical products, so our customers receive a complete system, installed and tailored to each company’s unique needs. This integration ensures R. STAHL customers receive the most efficient and reliable system possible. It also ensures that the project is managed expertly, by one company who is familiar with each component of the system. At R. STAHL, our products and personnel deliver extraordinary and enduring value.

For more information relating to R. STAHL Customized Explosion Proof / Explosion Protected System Solutions, call us at 800-782-4357 or send us an email.

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Our customized control solutions include all aspects of explosion protection and guarantees for the highest quality of our products.