NEC and CEC Explosion Proof / Explosion Protected Electrical Products

Our product portfolio of NEC and CEC explosion proof and explosion protected electical products for US/Canada offers a multitude of enclosures, light fixtures, controls, plugs & receptacles and distribution equipment. 

Explosion Proof Electrical Catalog Products Catalog- R. STAHL (10.12 MB)





  • Y/Z PurgEx
  • X PurgEx
  • Accessories

Lighting Fixtures

  • EXLUX, ECOLUX and C-LUX Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures
  • 6480 Series HID Lighting Fixtures

Terminal Boxes

  • Ready-Term 8150 Series Terminal Boxes, Stainless Steel

  • Ready-Term 8146 Series Terminal Boxes, FRP
  • Ready-Term 8125 Series Terminal Boxes, Metallic

Plugs & Receptacles

  • SolConex, CES Series 20A, 30A, 63A, 125A and Clean Room Receptacle Panels (CRP) 8125 Series

Control Devices

  • PanSIC Series Panel Mounted Control Devices, LED Pilot Lights and Illuminated Push Buttons

Control Stations

  • ConSig 8040 Series, FRP
  • 8146/5 Series Control Stations, FRP
  • 8125/5 Series Control Stations, Metallic
  • 8560 Series, Small Fuses
  • 8403 Series Ammeters
  • 8404 Series Voltmeters
  • 8405 Series Ammeters
  • 8082 Lockout Terminals

Fire Protection

  • 8146 Series Fire Alarm Stations


  • 8146/5-6 Series Disconnect Switches
  • 8146/5 Series Breaker Panels


  • 8265-Gubox Series of Enclosures
  • 8264-Cubex Series of Enclosures


  • 8166/11 Increased Safety Conduit Hubs
  • 8162/9 Breather Drain
  • Cable Glands and other Accessories

For more information relating to R. STAHL NEC and CEC Explosion Proof / Explosion Protected Electrical Products, call us at 800-782-4357 or send us an email.

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